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Child Spirit

You have an innate knowing

Trust in yourself.

As a society we tend to look externally for pleasure and the answers to the challenges in our lives.

Our sense of community, self belonging and self responsibility has slowly been lost through years of oppression.

You have an inner wisdom that is trying to get your attention, to guide you to a life in flow and to a place that you recognise joy.

Live in the freedom that comes from being in touch with your inner compass that guides you on a daily basis and is the foundation of your purpose in the World.

Hi, I'm Tamra

I am blessed and excited to support you ​utilising the amazing processes of Personal ​Medicine, Core Gift Discovery and Sound ​Therapy. These deep processes allow you to ​explore within and seek the answers from your ​inner knowing. The answers are insighful and ​individual and support your daily life.


I’ve spent my whole ​life searching for ME.

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Along the way I’ve grown through the ​impact of childhood neglect and embraced ​my creative thinking neurodivergent mind.

Everyday I celebrate my small wins and ​recognise and forgive my mistakes.

It has led to an interesting, sometimes fun, ​sometimes miserable eclectic career.

My learning journey includes Reiki Level 2 ​practitioner, Advanced Diploma in Kyela ​Sound therapy, Motivational Interviewing , ​Certificate IV in Mental Health, Certified ​Personal Medicine Coach and Core Gift ​Facilitator.

I have been working in community services ​for 5 years and most recently as a Mental ​Health Support Worker, Crisis Supporter ​and Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

I have finally found my joy in helping ​people achieve a happy and free life.

I am a Meowmy to 2 furkids and a foster ​doggo and my heart is in nature, music and ​dance.

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Self Care Circles

for NDIS Support People.

Pay from the heart

It's a role in which you are ​always giving.

It is rewarding and can be ​lonely and exhausting.

I reached near burn out and ​felt drawn to offer a space ​for others to focus on their ​self care.

Feel connected and chat ​about YOU.

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I bring experience in various ​roles both through providers ​and working independently.

Join me in this safe space ​with a focus on peer sharing ​and self care.

You can't give from an ​empty cup. Keep your cup ​topped up by discovering ​and enjoying your Personal ​Medicine.

Perfect for Support Workers, ​Support Coordinators and ​Psychosocial Recovery ​Coaches .

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Looking after YOU is ​crucial to your ​wellbeing and capacity ​to create a ​compassionate space ​for others.

Self Care Circle for NDIS ​support people

What to expect :

Connect with peers on a ​personal level

Share your well being ​worries or any issues that ​are sitting with you

Gift yourself some you ​time to relax and be ​nurtured.

Discover your inner knowing

Be supported in taking ​consistent action on your self ​care.

Explore your Personal Medicine

Relax to a sound healing ​meditation with frequency ​minded music.

Self Care Circles for

NDIS support people

Pay from the heart by donation

All Self Care Circles are held ​online via Google Meet.

Friday 830 am - 945 am AWST

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I look forward to ​sharing with you

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Personal Medicine

What is Personal Medicine?

Everyone’s Personal ​Medicine is unique, focusing ​on the person as opposed to ​their struggle.

It is what we do to get well ​and stay well.

Personal medicine is a ​structured and specialised ​recovery and self care ​process that emerges from ​our natural resilience and ​inner knowing.

YOU know how you help YOU.

Personal Medicine can be the ​big things that give our lives ​meaning and purpose and also ​the smaller things we do to ​take care of ourselves.

Utilising the Personal Medicine ​resources to discover deep ​insights.

Connecting you to that inner ​wisdom and exploring the ​possibilities.

Giving you back your potential.

Pat Deegan - Founder of Personal Medicine

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Individual Personal ​Medicine Discovery and ​ongoing support

$90 for 90 minutes

A curiosity led ​conversation that digs ​deep into your why

Discover your Personal ​Medicine, experiment, ​play, have fun and hone ​them to something you ​love.

Together we use the Personal ​Medicine cards, guides and ​tracker to record and track ​your progress and provide ​accountability and ​encouragement.

Optional - Sound Meditation ​and Energy Health Check.

For more information ask ​Tamara on 0430 531 430

About the Personal Medicine Tools

Personal Medicine Guide books

Specialising in :


Anxious Feelings

Distressing Voices

Feeling Depressed

Food Cravings


Negative Thinking

Self Harm


Troublesome Beliefs

Personal Medicine Cards

Specialising in :


Anxious Feelings


Distressing Voices

Effective Communication

Feeling Depressed

Financial Peace

Food Cravings


Negative Thinking


Self Harm




Troublesome Beliefs



Core Gift Discovery

What is Core Gift Discovery?

A Core Gift Discovery ​interview offers a powerful ​way to see what’s right in ​front of you.

It helps you get clearer ​about your unique sense ​of purpose and meaning, ​so that you can start to ​live in a more intentional ​way.

Connect and communicate ​more effectively.

Strengthen your self-​confidence and shift your ​thinking towards hope.

Discovering your Core Gift ​can help you to make better ​decisions in all areas of your ​life.

Have a touchstone for ​reassurance, safety and ​courage in difficult times.

Your Core Gift is the unique ​offering you have to share ​with others.

It is connected to and ​strengthened by your life ​experiences —particularly ​your challenges.

It guides you in decision-​making.

It provides focus on your ​sense of purpose and well-​being

It develops throughout your ​lifetime, and becomes more ​impactful each time you ​face new challenges and ​learn more about how you ​are uniquely you.

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Core Gift Discovery Interview ​$110 for 2 hours

Interesting and deep ​questions on what's ​important in your life ​that support you to ​think outside the ​square.

Discover your Core ​Gift and how you ​share it with others.

A fun and simple process that is impactful and insightful.

Learn about your ​challenges are your ​greatest strengths.

For more information ask

Tamara on 0430 531 430

Odd One Out (Dandelions)

My Core Gift

is helping people

become brave outliers.

I give this by helping them to

be at peace with change, ​encourage freedom in nature, ​shared lived and learnt experiences ​and connect to something bigger.

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and Mentoring

Both Core Gift Discovery and ​Personal Medicine are inner ​discoveries unique to each ​person.

They are part of our human ​resilience and inner wisdom.

A recovery model that is not ​prescibed by a doctor or nurse

Recovery requires personal ​agency, effort, courage and ​commitment.

It may be small steps over time ​but they are steps in a forward ​direction.

Core Gift Discovery and ​Personal Medicine focus on the ​person, their individuality and ​not their diagnosis or illness.

Together we explore deeply inward ​to tap into your resilience and ​innate knowing to experience a ​recovery which has a balance of ​things you do and medication you ​may take.

Available online via Google Meet or ​face to face in WA - Joondalup ​and North.

NDIS Recovery Support

What to expect :

Develop your Core Gift ​Statement. This is a ​compass for your journey ​and your unique gifts that ​you give to the World.

Complimentary Personal ​Medicine guidebook, ​Personal Medicine cards ​and Success Tracker to ​keep you focused between ​our get togethers.

Be encouraged with ​curious trauma aware ​conversations.

Feel safe to share and just ​be you. Reclaim agency ​over your recovery

$62 per hour

Plan and self managed ​participants.

Face to face may incur travel costs.

For more information ask

Tamara on 0430 531 430

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Please get in touch to ​book or find out more


0430 531 430

I look forward to meeting you soon

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