Peace, harmony and balance with music and sound.

The tones and frequencies in singing bowls and frequency music produce a sound wave that balances your energetic field back to harmonic resonance and wellness.

The frequencies sing to you on a cellular level.

It's a phenomena called sympathetic resonance or entrainment.

It's a law of nature.

The benefits of singing bowls, frequency music and meditation have been studied and the positive results include:

💗 A deeper experience than silent meditation.

💗 Improved ability to cope with daily life.

💗 An increased ability to focus 

💗 Reduced stress and anxiety

💗 Reduced blood pressure  

💗 Improved sleep   

💗 A calm mind

Listening to singing bowls and frequency music creates harmony in your inner world to reflect in your outer world.

 "If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".

-Nikola Tesla 

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Sound Services - Deeply relax and be nurtured with beautiful sound

Recording of Live Frequency Music Meditations

The 211220 December Conjunction

The 211220 December Conjunction

Listening To Smile produced a special frequency minded music album for The Conjunction. It is deeply relaxing. Enjoy To purchase the music please b...
Solar eclipse dedication with moon and sun frequency music

Solar eclipse dedication with moon and sun frequency music

15 minutes of music with the moon frequency of 210Hz and sun frequency of 126Hz. Take time to slow down with the melodic moon song and happy sun v...
Are you ok day musical medication

Are you ok day musical medication

15 minute video of musical medication to achieve relaxation, rest and digest and move out of anxiety and flight, fight and freeze  response. Featur...

Happy clients

I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki infused facial with Tamra. Nurturing and relaxing - the organic skin care range she used was delightful, my face felt soft and light! I’ll be booking in regularly as part of my self care.


I really enjoyed the session. Thank you for leading beautifully


I thoroughly enjoy Tamra's sound therapy sessions, I always come away with a feeling of light heartedness and childlike innocence. Tamra is open, friendly, vibrant and so easy to be with. The music is gorgeous.  I feel it uplifting and nurturing. It really is special. 


Very relaxing. I slept so well that night.