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Happy clients

I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki infused facial with Tamara. Nurturing and relaxing - the organic skin care range she used was delightful, my face felt soft and light! I’ll be booking in regularly as part of my self care.


I really enjoyed the session. Thank you for leading beautifully


I thoroughly enjoy Tamra's sound therapy sessions, I always come away with a feeling of light heartedness and childlike innocense. Tamra is open, friendly, vibrant and so easy to be with. The music is gorgeous.  I feel it uplifting and nurturing. It really is special. 


Very relaxing. I slept so well that night.



Share , Give , Respect , Accept , Receive.

You are Unique ,

You are Loved ,

Each Precious Person is on their own journey and everybody in this world is a beautiful Soul.

We are all humans being here on the physical plane.

LIFE - Living In Flow Easily

It can be a confronting and emotional journey to dig deep and rediscover the Precious Person that has been hiding under the layers of busy life.

The World deserves to know YOU.

My journey into wellness is now organic living, fueling my body with all the good stuff that enables me to have the energy to guide you.

Precious People is for all the family and even your house.

Sound healing and Reiki clear energetic blockages and allows life force energy to flow.

Once we cleanse, balance and clear your personal energy blockages we can clear the energy in your house and land allowing for a happier and healthier LIFE.

For little Precious People I am honoured to be a qualified instructor for the  Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy  A 6 week fun educational learning experience that will stay with them for LIFE. 

I can even help your Precious Pets with behaviour advice, Reiki and Sound Therapy.

My cat LOVES a tuning fork massage !

In harmony

Tamra X X X

Recording of Live Frequency Music and Guided intention

Recording of LIVE online Frequency Music with a Inner Child Intention

Recording of LIVE online Frequency Music with a Inner Child Intention

Relax and connect with your inner child. As we experience forced physical isolation from the outside world and more connection with our inner world...
LOVE  Intention with 528hz frequency music

LOVE Intention with 528hz frequency music

I hold a commercial licence to share the amazing frequency music produced by Listening To Smile. Check out the albums . Use discount code tamwebste...