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Some of you might remember the era of "lay by ". You wanted to buy a Christmas present that you couldn't quite afford all at once. The lovely lady at the shop would put it away for you and each week you would pay towards it until the day came when it was fully paid and you could finally take your new gift home. 

There is as sense of satisfaction that you have paid a purchase in full and can now enjoy it without the worry.

Fast forward to 2020 and the era of instant gratification. If you want something now you pick it up, take it to the counter and in 5 minutes you are in debt and on a payment plan with penalties for late payments !!

Working in the community services sector I have helped people who are in mounting debt which includes these easy purchases.

When booking my services you can choose to pay by Lay Buy in the checkout. Your payments are managed through Pay Pal and include flexible payment options. Once you have paid in full you can fully relax and enjoy your sound experience.

Its a perfect present or to treat your self on a special occasion.

Why not pre book your appointment and give yourself something to look forward to.

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