Chakra Health Check and Balance Group Meditation Sept - Dec 2019

During September - December 2019 a special series of group frequency meditation series focused on a chakra each week.

The events included :

Tamra diagnosing the energetic health of each person's chakra

Education on the chakra and a toning exercise.

Singing bowl and tuning fork sound healing played over the particular chakra to help bring the energy into balance.

Frequency minded music chosen for its resonance with the chakra. A relaxing guided visualisation for a deeper meditation and energetic healing.

A grounding crystal bowl , a nice cup of tea and yummy chocolate.

A recheck of the chakric energy.

Check out the Chakra Tune Up Album by Listening to Smile

Pop on your head phones, shut your eyes and focus on the area of your heart as you listen to this song at 639hz. The frequency of the Heart Chakra

Please browse through the personalised healing for chakra and aura health diagnosis.

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