Fireworks. Money in smoke?

I have always loved fireworks, I was raised loving fireworks. Growing up in Kent England the 5th of November was a big night on our calendar.

A celebration of the night Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 !

Yesterday marked the WA day celebrations. We wandered through Elizabeth Quay listening to the laughter of kids and families having fun before catching the ferry over to South Perth indulging in a Hot Chocolate with a marshmallow (Yum!) and watched the WA day fireworks with the beautiful Perth skyline as the back drop.

I am truly grateful for these moments in my life. Hanging out with someone special spending time enjoying our lives, safe, happy and warm.

The fireworks were spectacular, heart shaped, smiley faces, pretty colours, loud bangs and whizzes.

But my joy is marred by a thought. How much money just went up in smoke?

How much money was spent on a 15 minute pleasure trip for those lucky people who are lucky enough in life to be able to watch it.

How could this money have been spent to assist those in Western Australia that may be doing it a bit tough?

The West Australians living on the street

The sick children and their families that call hospital home

Support for the West Australian’s diagnosed with MS, Cancer or Parkinson’s that need support.

Charities rely on fundraising and volunteers to support the West Australians that need help in life. They hold the hand and give a hug to those who do not have the means to enjoy the fun at Elizabeth Quay, those to whom a hot chocolate is a luxury, to those who do not have someone special and are facing the challenges of life on their own.

So what is WA day?

 “It’s a day to celebrate all Western Australians, recognising our Aboriginal history, early European settlers and the many from all over the world who have made, and continue to make, Western Australia their home.

It’s a day for each of us to reflect and celebrate all the great things about our people, our lifestyle, our culture and our potential”

 As you reflect the above please spare a few minutes for those that the cost of just a few fireworks would mean receiving the basics of humanity in food, clothing and shelter.

 Thank you for listening. X

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