Shamanic Music Frequency Meditation Playlist - 12th Mar Group Meditation

Take a listen below to the playlist from 12th March 2019 Frequency Music Meditation held in Morley.
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Spheres of the Universe (Voice Channeling) 

This is a channeling track of voice and Native American flute that was made for establishing a connection between you and your spirit guides / guardian angels.

Link to Shamanic Album

Cosmic Window (Journey into the 3rd Eye) 852hz 

This frequency helps one reconnect with their spiritual order. It cuts through illusions, helping one see themselves and their environment with clarity. It is an excellent frequency for deep dreams, astral projections, connecting with spirits on the other side, as well as connecting authentically with one’s physical surroundings.
Heart Upgrade 639hz

This frequency is deep and profound. It helps create space for surrender and healing. It is connected with intimacy and vulnerability which serve as the foundation for healthy relationships and inter-connectivity.
Link to Shamanic Album


We Are The Dreamers They Spoke of 528Hz
This is the frequency of love using the Solfeggio scale.. It brings about transformation and miracles in a person’s life by restructuring the DNA back to its perfect state. It is very good for anxiety, pain relief, weight loss, and to reprogram the brain.
Link to Your Creativity is Healing album


The Ascending Spiral 432Hz (Ft. Anthony J. Rodriguez) 
The tuning of A = 432 Hz, which has been used throughout music history, is making waves especially in the field of sound healing and meditation. Musicians are leading a growing movement to prove this tuning is best for therapeutic sound work. 432 is also significant number and its harmonics are found all over spiritual texts and ancient sites.The sun is roughly 864,000 miles in diameter (432 X 2=864) and the diameter of the moon is 2160 miles (432 / 2). This goes on and on.
Link to Shamanic Album


We Send Out Transmissions 122.26Hz The Frequency of the Sun 
Advances the feeling of centering of the magic and of the transcendental (medicinal: not yet explored). "Meditation carried out to this tone will lead to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest, being and not-being. It leads to a state where being has no name, to a state where the all-one and the all encompassing are no longer separate entities but are reunited at their one common origin, the origin that is also you."

The Mandela Effect 390.6Hz
A great grounding frequency for really getting in touch with yourself, quieting the mind and peeling back layers of the onion so to speak. I find this frequency to be very powerful in amplifying the intention I’m working with.
The “Mandela Effect” is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality.
Many of us – mostly total strangers – remember the exact same events with the exact same details. However, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on.
This isn’t a conspiracy, and we’re not talking about “false memories.” Many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and – until now – we’ve been “sliding” between them without realizing it.
(Others favor the idea that we’re each enjoying holodeck experiences, possibly with some programming glitches. )
Link to Creating an Alternate Timeline album


Closing Ceremony 417hz

This frequency helps bolster one’s creativity, and produce positive change in a person’s life. This is good for relieving stress and tension. It helps to loosen tight muscles, and alleviates joint problems for increased physical mobility. Helps with emotional, mental, and physical energy blocks. This frequency acts “like a blaster”: if it’s not supposed to be there, it’ll move through.

Link to Shamanic Album


 Enjoy : )

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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