The Nurture Room


What it means to nurture?
Definition : verb (used with object), nur·tured, nur·tur·ing. to feed and protect: to nurture one's offspring. to support and encourage.

What does this little word mean to you?

Nurture is an innate need of anything organic on the planet.
It is instinctive in the natural world but for us it's not a life or death choice.

Nurturing is vital to your well being and is so so different to self care.

In June this year I realised how this one little word can shape a person.
Life was a little overwhelming and I was blessed to connect with an amazing psychologist who described how the parts of the brain process emotions and memories. 
Now I know why I can't remember my child hood!

Nurture has become my guiding light. In my day job as a mental health support worker, to friends that need a hug for an hour and in my work as a sound practitioner.

Nurture was my intention for my little house and for clients in individual sound sessions.

My new space for individual sound sessions is called The Nurture Room.
It has a retro chic chill vibe !

The rug is a beautiful soft feel beneath your feet and you sink into a comfortable velvety recliner.
The chic floor lamp provides a muted soft light as you lay back and close your eyes.

Feel safe, release your worries and be fully present with the sound waves of the singing bowls, tuning forks and frequency music.

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