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As a Listening to Smile affiliate I love to share the frequency minded music. It is nothing like you have experienced before. My clients experience a deep relaxed state. Perfect for people who find meditation challenging or have a busy and stressed out mind.

The music is available to purchase and listen to in your own time. Enjoy 40% discount by entering code tamwebster19 at checkout.

Tamra holds an Advanced Diploma in Kyela Sound Therapy. 

Kyela Sound Therapy is a specialised sound therapy technique that utilises  the tones and frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks. It focuses on harmonising and balancing a person's energetic body. This includes Chakra's, Aura, energetic blockages in the organs, clearing past lives, removing negative energetic cords and much more.

Problems and issues in a person's life can be directly related to their energetic health. Just like going to the gym for your muscles it is vitally important to maintain the wellness of your energetic bodies.

Kyela Sound Therapy sessions are held online