Group Chakra Health Check & Sound Balance Immersions March - May 2020

These special series of group sessions are held weekly.

Tuesday at 630pm - South Perth Senior Citizen Centre - South Perth

Thursday at 630pm - The Derrick Ernst Neighbourhood Centre - Morley

Tamara holds a commercial licence to share the amazing frequency music produced by  Listening to Smile  .  A musician that specialises in healing vibes.

The music is produced with specific frequencies that resonate with your body, mind and soul. Take a look at the information page to listen to the songs and learn about the benefits of each frequency. Check out the video on Ian and Dana to learn about the beautiful people behind the songs.

The Solfeggio Frequencies and specific singing bowl tones have sympathetic resonance with the Chakra's returning them to energetic harmony and balance.

The song sample below is at 741hz - The frequency of the Throat Chakra. Pop in your headphones, shut your eyes and bring your awareness to your Throat Chakra.

The frequencies are very powerful when played in a group setting through surround sound speakers and you are gently guided with a intention meditation.

Join us and experience it for yourself. It is completely unique.

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