Retreat to RAISE

This weekend is the September long weekend and a super new moon.

The retreat will finish on the Sunday with the Monday being a public holiday.

The super new moon energies are perfect for a weekend of releasing and renewing.

Check in on Friday 27th September from 3pm

Check out on Sunday 29th September from 3pm

Are you a truth seeker looking for a way to blend the magic of Eastern with Western logic?

This weekend is for the independent thinker seeking clarity, for clearing spiritual and emotional confusion and lighting up your inner guiding light.

Lynette is a gifted Energy Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and published Author.

Her spiritual quest has been life long and has lead her on a remarkable journey of discovery, eventually taking her to Egypt.

The divine connection experienced in the temples and the pyramids of Giza prompted synchronicity, remembrances and spiritual guidance giving Lynette a deep, thorough understanding and knowing of what it truly means to be multidimensional being

Included in the retreat is a copy of her book described as a truth seekers manual for personal peace.

It invites you to embark on an exploration into your inner Universe, inspiring you to reflect on your own knowledge from a new deeper understanding.

Lynette will take you on a guided inner soul safari.

Those who have been to any of Lynette’s classes and workshops will tell you they leave feeling like they are floating and as if they have been to a retreat.

Lynette will show you simple techniques which will enhance your meditative experience and bring a deep healing.

You will not leave the same as you came. Your connection to the Truth of who you are will be enhanced.

You will have some knowledge, wisdom and easily usable daily techniques to take home with you.

Tamra is a qualified sound therapist with an Advanced Diploma in Kyela Sound Therapy.

She is also a licenced affiliate of Listening to Smile frequency minded music.

Her tools include frequency minded music, singing bowls, tuning forks and voice toning.

She has an in depth knowledge on how frequencies and sound affect your body, mind and soul.

She also sends beautiful loving Reiki energy to each person during the sound meditation.

Frequency Flow Music is composed at frequencies that sing to your body on a cellular level.

The music flows through you harmonising and balancing your physical and energetic bodies.

It enables you to reach a deeper meditative state and facilitates the release of negativity and blockages.

Together the program for the weekend will focus on releasing old and stuck emotions, patterns and beliefs and shifting focus and consciousness toward the new energy that is being felt across the globe.

Your life will completely shift into another level when you release the old patterns that run your life 95% of the time and receive the knowing and awareness to consciously create your life the way you want.


The weekend package includes:

 Friday 27th September

Arrive and check in from 3 pm

Time to breathe in the serenity and the clean country air

6 pm – 8.30 pm

Enjoy a beautiful buffet dinner and meeting new friends while we await everyone’s arrival.

Vegetarian and Vegan

 7 pm

Welcome gathering in the main hall.

Introductions to Lynette and Tamra.

Intention setting meditation and toning.

Time to settle in.

Enjoy some dinner.

Meet your room mates and explore the beautiful surroundings.


Saturday 28th September

7 am – 9 am

Enjoy a scrumptious continental breakfast whilst listening to the birds and the sounds of nature.

Go for a morning walk through the bushland to the outdoor chapel to be present, sit in silence and connect within.


9 am

Sound and toning session.

Create a sound that is yours alone.

A sound that resonates with you.

A sound that as it forms in your throat fills you with peace and connection.


10 :30 am

Teachings by Lynette.

Sharing spiritual experiences and the answers those experiences unearthed. Sharing ground breaking insights and long held secrets. Lynette will bring together pieces of the spiritual puzzle from many disciplines across the globe.


12 pm – 1 30 pm


Vegetarian frittatas, chick pea patties, salads and fruit


130 pm – 3 pm

Relaxing frequency music meditation with the frequencies of:

396 HZ - Root Chakra

This low and smooth frequency cleanses and transmutes feelings of guilt and fear into joy and is especially powerful at clearing sexual trauma.

417 HZ - Sacral Chakra

This is a powerful frequency that can help with creativity, and positive change in life. It is a cleanser of traumatic experiences and facilitates change and transmutation. It supports you with your connection to a higher dimension and dissolves any past experiences that may be holding you back in your physical and spiritual life.

528 HZ - Solar Plexus

Said to be the frequency of love and bring transformation and miracles in a person’s life by restructuring the DNA back to its perfect state. It is very good for anxiety, emotional blockages and awakening creativity. It allows connection and expansion to our hearts and consciousness.

As you awaken from your deep meditation Tamra will play Tibetan Singing bowls for each of the Chakras.


3 – 4.30 p m

Teachings by Lynette

Sharing spiritual experiences and the answers those experiences unearthed. Sharing ground breaking insights and long held secrets. Lynette will bring together pieces of the spiritual puzzle from many disciplines across the globe.


4.30 pm – 6 pm

Sunset and rest,

Take time to rest and relax. Energy work is emotional and tiring. It’s important to go within and bring your awareness to the day’s teachings. To process the information not only mentally but from a complete soul level integration.


6.00 pm – 7.30 pm

Enjoy an Italian inspired feast of pasta and pizza, salad and sweet.

Vegetarian and vegan

7.30 pm

Weather and permit permitting we can hopefully sit around the camp fire and share stories, chat, laugh, maybe dance, maybe sing but definitely feel joy.

Sunday 29th September

7 am – 9 am

Start the day with a big hearty veggie brekky of mushrooms, tomato, eggs, Toast (GF available) spinach and homemade beans.


9 am – 10.30 am

Teachings by Lynette

Sharing spiritual experiences and the answers those experiences unearthed. Sharing ground breaking insights and long held secrets. Lynette will bring together pieces of the spiritual puzzle from many disciplines across the globe.


10:30 am – 12 pm

Toning and sounds

Movement to frequency music.

Let’s shake it to the upbeat tracks of Tamra’s frequency music playlist. The movement will be suitable for all fitness types and focus on balancing energy, clearing meridian points, awareness and fun!

12 pm – 130 pm


Vegetarian options, salads and fruit


130 pm – 3 pm

Catch up in the hall for a closing meditation, clean, pack and head back to your life with a higher consciousness understanding then when you arrived.

The retreat centre is located in Serpentine only an hours drive from  Perth CBD.

The all inclusive price includes accommodation in shared rooms, beautiful clean and light communal bathrooms, all meals (can cater for special dietary requirements) and all activities.

Please bring a yoga mat or equivalent, a blanket, a pillow case and bed sheets. Pillows and duvets will be supplied.

Secure your spot now either pay in full or chose lay buy from the check out to pay in instalments.

This is a not for profit event.

Please reach out if you have any questions

Lynette and Tamra may intuitively change the schedule for the benefit of all.

The meal options may also be substituted by an equivalent alternative

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