Energetic Cleanse of Houses and Land with Sound

Energetic Cleanse of Houses and Land with Sound

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The land and spaces we live in, work in and play in all have their own vibration and energetic "feel".

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a cold chill ? 

Have you noticed how some houses are always welcoming and make you feel comfortable ?

Is it in the ambience ? What exactly is that ambience ?

Mother Earth is a living and breathing being affected with the same positive and negative charges just as we are.

Underground energy lines, streams and past experiences all create an energetic foot print which has a direct effect on all those who are in that space.

These energetic footprints can have a negative effect on your health, your sleep , your productivity and your family.

Using the ancient modality of divining and the cleansing and healing properties of sound and instruments we can discover the existence of any negative force that may be in and around your space and clear them or introduce protective elements such as crystals.