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Hi, I'm Tamra, Good to meet you 🤝

Thank you for visiting my website and welcome to Precious People. I know it's a little cliche but the name really did come to me in meditation !

I have loved music all my life. As a child I would tape the Top 40 from the radio on a Sunday afternoon. I feel very blessed to grow up in the 80's in the UK. All the good 80's bands ( and other era's) were english ! 

My spiritual journey started around 2012 when I had this weird desire to meditate and started listening to guided meditations on You Tube. As I began to follow the breadcrumbs my curiosity led me to Abraham Hicks, learning about chakra's, the concept of consciousness, energy, manifesting etc.

I never questioned any of it. It all makes sense.

I now live my life knowing that there is no need to push anything up hill ! Life flows with trust, faith and taking action on the opportunities.

Easier said than done sometimes !

My journey has taken me to my love of music and sound as a modality to share and help others get their lives back on track. 

It is popular to keep ourselves in "shape" by going to the gym and eating beautiful nutritious food. These are important lifestyle choices that keep your body physically functioning well.

It is not so popular to maintain our energetic bodies but still vitally important to your holistic health.

Historically all traditional people had a belief in a spiritual concept to health. Ancient medicine systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Ayurveda bring empirical proof that there is more to our health than our physical and mental bodies.

Music and sound are an easy to use, fun, effective and enjoyable healing modality suitable for all ages and abilities.

The frequency music is produced by Ian Morris from Listening to Smile. Take a listen to his story 

I hope you enjoyed reading this introductory information and maybe I will meet you soon.

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