The music & Listening to Smile journey

As a Listening to Smile affiliate I love to share the frequency minded music. It is nothing like you have experienced before. My clients experience a deep relaxed state. Perfect for people who find meditation challenging or have a busy and stressed out mind.

With an amazing variety of genre's ranging from piano to shamanic to rap and a multitude of frequencies including the Solfeggio scale, Schumann resonance and planetary frequencies every session is different.

The music is available to purchase and enjoy in your own time. The Wellness series are compilations of songs that focus on issues such as anxiety and sleep, help you relax or even encourage you to move!!!!

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Listening to Smile was born from Ian's own health journey as a musician who discovered the healing vibes of frequency. It brought him back from depression and physical illness.



How the music is used by affiliates (like me !) around the World to help people with their health and wellness. Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming an affiliate.



Dana talks about her first experience with listening to frequency music and the effect on her mind and sense of peace

Below is a small sample of the range of music genre's and frequencies produced by Listening To Smile exclusively for affiliates (like me) to share with their clients. Click on the arrow in the bottom corner to scroll through the songs