Holistic Health Sound Balance and Consultation - 2 hours

Holistic Health Sound Balance and Consultation - 2 hours

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Health and wellness stem from making choices that have a positive effect on our lives.

A Holistic Health Sound Balance and Consultation allows you to feel safe to release your worries, niggling thoughts and the endless to do list running circles in your head. During this individual 2 hour session the sound of singing bowls and other instruments will bring you to a place of complete relaxation and surrender.

This place of safety, rest and nurture opens up your creativity and allows the answers that lie deep within to surface naturally.

You may not be able to eliminate the stresses of life but you can choose to care for yourself, learning strategies and making lifestyle choices that prevent your stress levels from becoming overwhelming whilst trusting and empowering you to make positive change.

When you are stressed, anxious, worried and in a state of fight, flight or freeze the part of the brain called the Amygdala is activated. The Amygdala helps with recognising danger, fear, emotions and preparing you to run away from scary things! It’s not a mental state conducive with rational thoughts and clarity on how to improve your life.

Singing bowls and frequency music sing to you on a cellular level transmuting your state of worry and stress to a beautiful place of rest, peace and harmony. You will feel safe and nurtured. This is rest and digest mode, your brain's prefrontal cortex is in charge. It is responsible for executive functions and self regulation. This includes good decision making, problem solving and taking action on long term goals.

This relaxed and safe place is perfect to talk through your life from a holistic view point. As we chat I will utilise motivational interviewing skills to probe beneath the surface of your life to the unrealised beliefs and answers that you have been searching for. Gain clarity and take action on the barriers that prevent you from living a full, happy and authentic life that calls to you.

This one of a kind practice integrates my experience in the community services sector with my skills and qualifications as a sound practitioner and meditation facilitator.

Is this you?

🙇 Tired and burnt out

🙍Unclear on your life path

🤷‍♂️Lack motivation in life

🙍‍♂️Struggle finding joy in your life

🏃‍♀️Have non stop thoughts running through your head

🧍Feeling stuck

🙋Plagued by negative self talk

🤦‍♀️Finding life overwhelming


Are you ready to make the change?

I cannot wave a magic wand and make it all go away. I wish I could.

Yes it can be scary, no it isn’t always easy. Change requires you to be feel a little uncomfortable as you grow into your new you.  Together we will gently explore and nurture as you tread a different path.

You only see rainbows after the rain.

Please allow 2 hours for your session. This includes a relaxing complete sound balance with singing bowls, tuning forks and frequency music and an in depth discussion focusing on your life and implementing comfortable achievable strategies to help you move forward.  

It’s a safe space to open up and feel heard, helped and nurtured.

Appointments are held in Mount Lawley with flexible times including weekends and evenings.

Value packages are available and are valid for 12 months from purchase.

Lay buy is available in the check out. 

I understand the importance of working with a practitioner that resonates with you. Please get in touch for a complimentary 15 minute introductory call.

In harmony,

💚 Tamra