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Kyela Sound Chakra Health Check and Sound Balance

Kyela Sound Chakra Health Check and Sound Balance

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Your Chakra energy health has an impact on your daily life

✨Your Chakra energy health is equally important to your physical well being

✨You can improve your daily life by keeping your Chakra health in balance.

Chakra Wellness Consultation.

Tamra holds a certificate in Kyela Chakra Alignment and Balancing. A modality that focuses on repairing, balancing and harmonising the chakra's with tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks.

Tamra will diagnose the energetic health in each of your Chakra's and personalise the healing using singing bowls, tuning forks and frequency music.

Diagnosis and energy sound balance of the 7 major Chakra's and 5 minor Chakra's. This improves the flow of Chi health in your organs and body. The places that you hold energy are a direct reflection of your life, environment and past experiences.

You will also receive by email a complete personalised  synopsis of your Chakra health diagnosis and handy hints to keep you in harmony and resonance.

You maintain your physical body through exercise. It is equally important to take care of your Chakra and energetic bodies.  They can hold the key to the health of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We are energetic beings and just like a musical instrument when part of our body  frequency is out of balance it cannot perform optimally.

Sound healing  helps the body re tune to the frequency and bring you back into balance.

When your Chakra's are balanced you feel more grounded, balanced and able to cope better with the stresses of life.

Appointments are available in Mount Lawley.

Appointment times are flexible - days, evenings and weekends.

Please message me on 0409 950 144 or I will be in touch once payment is received.

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