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Group Chakra Health Chat and Sound Balance - Root, Sacral, & Solar Plexus Chakra

Group Chakra Health Chat and Sound Balance - Root, Sacral, & Solar Plexus Chakra

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Are you feeling confused and stressed?

Is life sometimes a little too much?

Do you feel ungrounded, disempowered or disconnected?

These can all be feelings associated with unbalanced Chakra Health.

It’s essential your chakra's are energetically balanced and your  energy can flow freely throughout your physical and auric bodies.

Wellness will be achieved quicker when the chakra's are balanced and aligned. The body is then able to stay healthy physically and metaphysically.

👋 Be more grounded
🌠 Have more vitality,
😃 Feel more in control,
😊 Be calmer
🤔Think clearer.

 I invite you to come and find out more……

An in depth look at each of the 7 main Chakra’s including :

✨ Location on the body and its function

✨ How it affects your daily life

✨ How you can maintain your Chakra energy.

✨ Find out which of your Chakra’s is most out of energetic  balance..

✨ Relax to a frequency music and sound chakra balance meditation

It is popular to keep ourselves in "shape" by going to the gym and eating beautiful nutritious food. These are important lifestyle choices that keep your body physically functioning well.

It is also becoming well known that mindfulness and meditation are key for a healthy mind and helps reduce the negative impacts of stress and the effects of a busy life and external noise.

People are less concerned about the health of their energetic bodies and chakra system when in fact keeping these in "shape" has a positive effect on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Sound and frequency music sing to you on a cellular level and bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Thursday 5th March


Tara Street


630pm - 8pm


Tuesday 10th March 

South Perth Senior Citizens Centre

Coode Street

South Perth

6.30pm - 8pm


Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket for your comfort,