Monthly Full Moon Frequency Music Garden Gathering- Sunday  8 pm - 930pm

Monthly Full Moon Frequency Music Garden Gathering- Sunday 8 pm - 930pm

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Allow yourself time in your busy life to stop and focus on you. This space helps you to re centre, release and be able to move forward calmer and with more clarity. 

About the experience :

The music is produced with frequencies that allow the body, mind and soul to relax and achieve a deeper meditative state.

The music resonates with you on an unconscious level physically, emotionally and mentally returning you to harmony and balance.

A unique outdoor experience utilising silent disco headsets.

Silent disco headsets minimise ambient noise immersing your body, mind and soul in the sound vibrations.

Surrender to the sound, and drop deeper inwards.

Relax into the evening with a guided intention meditation.

Release any stress, quieten your thoughts and be completely in the moment.

A perfect self nurture, deep dive internally, all about you event.

The headsets allow you to freely change between 3 channels:

Channel 1: Moon Frequency Meditative - 210Hz

A slow melodic frequency to drop you into a deep meditation whilst bathing in the energy rays of the full moon above you. 

Channel 2: Earth Frequency Meditation and/or Dance - 432Hz

A mix of slow and up beat songs. Allow your body to freely move without thought or judgement and connect with Mother Earth or sit in quiet meditation and allow the harmonies to flow through you.

Click to listen to a 432HZ song


Channel 3: Shamanic Meditative Dance - Various frequencies

A compilation of flutes, drums and chanting with a mix of healing and releasing frequencies. Release pent up emotions to the drums and chants and allow the flutes to reconnect you to your heart space.

Click here to listen to a shamanic song

Stay in the present moment, feel the evening breeze and the ground beneath you.

The full moon is a complete cycle symbolising the end of the old and having gratitude for the new energy coming forth.

The space provides clarity on your life moving forward. If you don't know where you are going then you will always be lost on your journey.

Life flows easier when you give up control and trust that whatever comes is in your highest interest.


Notebook and pen should you wish to journal

Herbal Tea


Light snacks

Please bring:

A yoga mat/ cushion / blanket for your comfort


I hold a commercial licence with Listening To Smile. All songs featured in this event are produced by Listening To Smile, a specialist producer of frequency minded music. Click here to find out more about Listening To Smile

This is an alcohol, smoking and drug free event.

COVID distancing and sanitising will be in place.

Strictly limited to 9 people.

This event will be held outside at a private address in Mount Lawley. This enables you to feel free to be in the moment without prying public eyes.

Exact location and information on how to find me will be sent once confirmed.

Under cover is available in the event of rain .

I look forward to sharing this full moon immersion with you🌕

In harmony

Tamra x x