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FREE Group session & Personal Chakra Health Consultation  - Save $65

FREE Group session & Personal Chakra Health Consultation - Save $65

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A special package designed to harmonise your Chakric energy  and help to keep you balanced.

Receive 1 FREE Group Frequency Music Immersion and a complimentary Chakra Health Check, Consultation and Sound Balance. 

Complimentary Chakra Health Consultation

🌈 Chakra Health Consultation appointments are flexible with day, evening and weekend appointments. The appointment will be confirmed after purchase. 

👫 Pay for 6 Group Frequency Music Immersions and get one for FREE. Chose between Morley, South Perth or a combination !

💲Save $65 


💗Tamra uses Tibeten Singing Bowls and Frequency Minded Music played at volume through surround sound subwoofer speakers. The music tracks are specifically chosen to enrich your sensory experience with the vibration and connect to the music.

😌These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and may be received either sitting or lying down.

🤩 There are many health and wellness benefits to experiencing the vibration and frequency of sound:

💠Pain or tension relief  💠Deeper relaxation and meditation  💠Improved sleep  💠Eases anxiety and stress  💠Promotes joy and fun

Tamra x