Sunday 14th March - Practice vocal toning and create your own mantra. Click to book.

Mantra's, Music and Meditation - Sunday 14th March 2021

Mantra's, Music and Meditation - Sunday 14th March 2021

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This fun event is a blend of chanting, mantra’s, music and meditation. Feel good inside and out.

This special event is all about you and an amazing tool you use every day.

This limitless tool has the potential to:

Keep you grounded,

Help to reduce anxiety

Manage stress

Maintain a calm peaceful mind, body and mental state.

Achieve a deeper meditation

Keep your focus inward

The tool is your voice….

Our expressions, words, intentions and feelings influence our inner and outer worlds.

Mantra’s and chanting have been practised by monks for 1000’s of years.

Everybody is welcome.

The great advantage is that you don’t need a tuneful voice. The focus is on how you feel rather than how you sound.

If you have a singing bowl then please it along.

What to expect:

We start with a relaxing frequency music meditation to release the stress of the week and bring you into a peaceful present moment.

Followed by practice with the singing bowls and vowel toning. This helps you to gain confidence and open your throat, lose your inhibitions and its fun!!!

We then learn basic mantra’s before creating your own personal mantra.

Your personal mantra will resonate with you and you can repeat it to yourself at any time either internally or aloud.

It is all about connecting with you.

I look forward to sharing sound with you


Derrick Ernst Neighbourhood Centre (The DEN)

About the venue

I am proud to support The DEN as one of only 3 occasional child care providers in Perth. They offer flexible and affordable childcare and are part of the Bayswater Child Care Association. The space has a beautiful energy, decorated with the children’s creations and the lady bird rug.

Tara Street


3:30pm – 430pm 

Please bring a mat, cushion and a blanket for your comfort.

In harmony