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Mental Wellness for Teens -  Frequency Music & Mindfulness

Mental Wellness for Teens - Frequency Music & Mindfulness

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A group session that utilises the beneficial frequencies in the music and sound to help teens manage their anxiety and mental health.

This fun and educational program teaches techniques and exercises for self management of mental and emotional stresses.

Are thoughts, fears and anxious feelings stopping you from living?

In your heart you want to do something, but your head and your feelings stop you?

Is it too uncomfortable to take a step into a new adventure even if it will have a positive effect on your life?

Do you feel as if you are the only one that feels this way?

Hey, you are not alone,

From my experiences in my day job as a Youth Mentor I came to realise that going out into the big wide world is scary for teenagers.

The feeling can be so strong that it stops them from living, learning, growing and fulfilling their dreams.

Using my skills as a Mentor and my passion and knowledge of the healing power of music, sound and mindfulness I have developed a program that teaches teens to understand their mind, quieten their thoughts and develop the self awareness to move through the fears.

The music is produced with frequencies that help to harmonise and balance the body and mind and is complemented by breathing techniques and other exercises.

All the techniques are designed to be practised at home. For anything in life to be mastered it must be practised. It may not be easy at first.

About the program

Small groups with a maximum of 10 teens

Frequency Music played through headphones to aid in bringing balance to the body and mind

Breathing techniques to refocus the mind and rewire the brain

Education and understanding on the brain and how its wired

Hand Yoga

Positive reinforcement techniques

Support and encouragement        

Mindful movement

Simple take home practice exercises.


Frequency music and sound to rebalance the body on a unconscious and cellular level

Quieten the thoughts that can sabotage your life

Refocus the mind

Learn to be self aware

Observe the thoughts rather than being attached to them.

Peer support and sharing

Life skills that can be used anywhere for FREE!

Please get in touch for more information. Each session is 90 minutes