Pain Relief Album Special Offer - Only 8 downloads available

Pain Relief Album Special Offer - Only 8 downloads available

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This album has received amazing reviews. 

You can feel the underlying resonance frequencies as you listen. 

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The following descriptions of the frequencies are based on both ancient wisdom, numerology, Ian’s personal experience and Listening to Smile’s client feedback and testimonials. 
The songs on this album :

1. Where Ordeals are Faced (396Hz) (Root Chakra Frequency Solfeggio) 
This is a low and smooth frequency, it works to cleanse feelings of guilt, fear, and trauma that produces these emotions. This frequency helps move and clear sexual trauma, and physically release in the form of crying or laughing. This frequency has the ability to repair energetic issues around one’s sexuality 

2. Exhalation of Feelings and Thoughts - (174Hz Pain Relief Frequency) 
The lowest frequency on the Solfeggio scale, 174 Hz acts like an energetic anesthesia. It is great for reducing pain in your physical body, as well as mending the energetic kinks that cause your pain. This frequency helps one feel secure, and has a slow, soothing quality to it. 

3. Oneness with Existence (480Hz Crown Chakra Standard tune) 
Frequency of 480Hz - Note B. It is known as the place of pure consciousness, and symbolizes the balance of duality within us.  It is associated with the super consciousness and the ultimate bliss, or reaching "the Void."  Imbalances are seen with inner wisdom, headaches, epilepsy, paralysis, parkinsons, high blood pressure.  Key aspects: release of karma, meditation, universal consciousness, beingness, transcendental consciousness 

4. Floating on the Wind (390.6Hz The LTS Frequency of Peace) 
390.6Hz is a custom frequency discovered by Ian Morris in Meditation and has been shared with over 1,500 clients over the last 3 years in over 7 different countries. Each client used the word peace in their experience with the frequency. It’s slow and low moving waves are the perfect tool for letting go of any and all challenges in your day. This frequency has become not all Ian’s favorite but many of his constant clients as well. This frequency is used for letting go, relaxing, deep meditation, and pain relief. 

5. Finding the Gift in this all (174Hz Pain Relief Frequency) 
What are you going through today? Is it happening to make you stop and look again at your life? What are you grateful for? What have you overlooked? Are you holding the focus for the change you are truly in need? Give thanks and surrender to this gift of new perspective. Bless you. Thank you. again and again.