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Weekly Group Event- Frequency Flow Music and Sound Meditation

Weekly Group Event- Frequency Flow Music and Sound Meditation

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Complete Zen time !

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Perfect for people that have had a busy day and are frazzled with the noise of the big wide world.

Gentle, relaxing frequency music meditation to connect back with yourself and Mother Earth.

Varied tones and music styles will be played.Low frequencies that ground and heal your energy fields to higher frequencies that resonate with your thinking and spiritual body.

There are scales of frequencies that we can access through music and tones that bring about the desired changes we seek.

Sound therapy re-sensitizes your ear’s ability to connect with these healing frequencies, thus opening your body and mind to behaviour modification, improved states of consciousness, deep levels of healing and/or relaxation.

We are constantly exposed to noise in our daily life. After a while, that noise can inhibit our natural state of tuning in, in order to heal. Thus, leaving us in a state of dis-ease. This continues to develop if we do not increase our mindfulness of reconnecting with our natural state of being. When we begin to once again tune into healing frequencies and the sounds of nature, great changes can occur.

I am excited to have partnered with a composer from the US called Listening to Smile.  Their vast choice of frequency minded music styles range from a shamanic drum to an angelic piano.

I intuitively create the play list and intention for each session and as you awaken from your meditation I play Tibetan Singing bowls over you.

The Sound Session will last for approx. an hour. 

Please contact me if you would like more information

Sound Therapy cannot have a negative effect on you. You will feel more balanced, relaxed and with improved wellness.

Hope to see you soon

In harmony